Minnesota Duathlon                       July 30, 2017

Duathlon Rules

Please read to familiarize yourself with the Duathlon race rules.

*Important:  there are no strollers or bike trailers allowed in the Duathlon, Relay or Open Run events


Pre-Race Rules

Each runner must wear a MTEC timing device on their left ankle at the run start for the duration of the event. Runners must also wear the official race number at all times on the front of their body while on the run course. All chips are disposable.
The course will be marked and have course marshals, however participants are responsible for knowing the course. There will be a water stop 5k turn around, at the transition area, start and finish lines, and the 6.5 mile mark of the bike course.
Runners must stay on the paved path of the designated run course. Volunteers and officials will be on the course. Participants are responsible for knowing the course prior to the race.
Cutting the course or running off the paved path will result in a time penalty or disqualification.

Bike rules 

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is an out and back bike course with bike traffic on both sides of road. There will be cones to separate the lanes however you are responsible for staying to the right of the cones and not crossing the center line. Do not ride two abreast.
No side-by side-bike riding – This is a race. Slower riders should stay on the right to allow faster riders to safely pass on the left. This will also help to keep the road clear. Side by side riding will result in disqualification.
Each competitor is responsible for ensuring that his/her bicycle is safe. Bike mechanics will be available on Saturday at packet pick-up and on Sunday by the entrance of the transition area before the race starts. Mechanics are available for emergency repairs only – no tune-ups.
Current certified bicycling helmets are required to be worn by all athletes.
The chin strap on your helmet must be buckled at all times while you ride your bike during the race, as well as to and from the race site. Failure to do so will result in disqualification.
Helmet and bike frame numbers must be placed in respective places as required. The MTEC timing device must be worn on the left ankle for the entire bike leg.
You may not ride your bicycle in the transition area. Observe the mandatory mounting and dismounting area when exiting and entering the transition area with your bike. Riding in the transition area will result in a disqualification.
The Minnesota Duathlon is a non-drafting event. Drafting behind another bicycle or motorized vehicle is not allowed. Riders must stay to the right at all times unless they are passing another rider. Riders must maintain the draft zone. The draft zone is a rectangular area that extends 3 feet to every side of every bicycle and 3 bicycle lengths behind every bicycle. When passing another bicycle (thereby entering the draft zone of that bicycle), riders have 15 seconds to pass before incurring time penalties. Once passed, the cyclist must drop back and to the outside of the draft zone. In the event a rider is passing a cyclist who is also passing, the faster rider must remain to the left of both riders without crossing the center line. Once the faster rider has passed both riders, the faster rider must move to the right as soon as possible.
Once the race starts, each cyclist is responsible for the repair and maintenance of his/her bike. Be prepared for flat tires and maintenance issues.
All cyclists are responsible at all times for their safety and compliance with traffic laws while on the bike course and are solely responsible for the consequences of any infractions.
While the bike course is closed to thru traffic, motorized vehicles will be allowed to cross during breaks in cyclist traffic flows. All major intersections will be controlled by Dakota County Sheriff's Deputies, and volunteers. Volunteers will also be monitoring all of the minor intersections. Use extreme caution. It is your responsibility to obey traffic laws at all times. Keep aware of moving vehicles and stationary obstacles along the course. Right of way must be given to all emergency (i.e. Police, Fire, and Ambulance) vehicles.
Return bike to the designated bike area and proceed to the final run leg.

2nd Leg Run Rules (Finish) 

The final run leg follows the exact same route as the 1st run leg.
Water and Clif Hydration  is located at the 5k turnaround.

After you finish your race

Post-race food and water will be available to you
Make sure you (and your relay team) get your medals