Minnesota Duathlon                       July 30, 2017


  • Where can I park on race day?​

​​          Please see Parking and Transportation for information.

  • I am injured and cannot race can I get a refund?​

​​​          There are no refunds. Please see our Race Change Policy or other options available to you.

  • Can I switch from my registration to a different event at the Minnesota Du?

​          Yes. Please see our Race Change Policy to learn about your options.

  • ​I don't have a helmet? Can I just ride without one?

​          No. USAT rules require helmet use.  If you don't have a helmet you will not be allowed on the bike course.  If you don't have one by   packet-pick-up, Freewheel Bike Shop will be there and you can purchase one at that time.

  • ​I love riding with my headphones why can't I do that at your event?

​​          We are following USAT rules which requires no headphones.

  • What bikes are allowed? Can I use one not on the list?

​​          Bikes that are allowed are road/tri, mountain, single speed and commuter bikes. Tandem, recumbent, or fixed gear bikes are not allowed at the Minneapolis Duathlon.

  • Please explain the wave starts.

​​          You will be assigned a wave time.  They will be finalized and posted on the website soon.  Waves will be arranged with elites first.

  • What is my wave start time?

​          You will be assigned a wave time.   Please click here to see our wave start page for details.

  • What is the Time Limit on the Duathlon?

​​          The biking portion must be done by 11AM. Each 5K distance will have a 1 hour time limit.

  • What should I bring on race day?

​​          Here is a list of the very, very basics:  helmet, bike, timing chip, bib numbers (for helmet, bike and runner), running shoes, water bottle (for bike -- there will be a water stop on the run), and nourishment during the event (if you want it).

  • Can I register on race day​?

​​           Yes you can! Park in the assigned lot across from DCTC and come to the registration table in athlete village to register and receive your bib and timing chip for the race. Make sure to come early so you can get your bike in the transition area before it closes!