Fun Duathlon Relay

2 or 3-Person Relays

Why not throw a little ride in with your run? Or a run in with your ride? You can do the race as a 2 or 3 member relay team. And with the Relays, you can make it a TEAM EVENT!  Just sign up with one or two other people to create your team.  

We allow 2 or 3 participants to be a part of a Relay team.  If your Relay team has 2 members, you can divide up your legs however you want (one person can do both runs or one run and the bike, the other team member does the remaining leg) and if your team has 3 members, each person takes a leg. What's even cooler is that everyone in the relay gets the 2017 Gear and a beautiful stained-glass finisher's medal.  

Bikes allowed for this race:

  • Road/Tri
  • Mountain
  • Commuter

There are no headsets, burleys or dogs allowed on this course.  Please see the race rules for more information.

First wave start time: 8:30 am

2.5K Run 

Begin: Start from and end in transition bike area.

Run Course Link

Duathlon Bike Course 10 miles

Bike Course Link

Minnesota Duathlon                       July 30, 2017